1. The Commodities are delivered via DHL or in any other way accepted by the parties where it is not associated with excess or unreasonable costs to be borne by the Seller and the Customer.
  2. The ordered Commodities are supplied as chosen by the Customer or directly to the Customer's address given in the online form for the order placed and confirmed by the Customer as the address for shipment.
  3. The Commodities are always packed in a way which is appropriate to its properties so that the Commodities do not get damaged, lost or destroyed in transit.
  4. The Customer is informed about delivery costs on a current basis, the costs are shown when completing the online order form. Shipment costs are fixed and do not change depending on the properties of commodities.
  5. Delivery:
  • Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Hungary, - 17 EUR
  • Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, - 15 EUR
  • Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden - 19 EUR
  • Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Romania - 21 EUR
  • France, Monaco, Italy - 24 EUR
  • Greece - 31 EUR